Apr 28, 2010

Windsor, Wedding & Airoplanes...

*This is my brother, David...isn't he handsome!)

So, 24 hours by plane, 6 hours by bus, 1 hour by taxi and I'm back in the land of Kimchie!

What a whirl~wind weekend it's been!

Woke up at about 5, last friday morning, caught my Taxi at 6 (after some serious hooting on his part) raced to the bus station with my flimsy home printed ticket...found the conductor/janitor/sleepy looking old man waving a whistle and flag and showed him my ticket...after some bowing, nodding and "gamshamnidaing" (thankyou in Korean) I was happily seated aboard my Airport limousine shuttle!

3 Hours later I arrived at Incheon International Airport, excited to check in and have a squizz around the marvelous shopping halls :) Boarded my plane, and so my Journey to London began.

I watched 5 movies, read some magazines, stared out the plane, stared at the other passengers, slept a little, listened to some music, wrote my speech on paper, typed my speech out on my ipod, ate some very interesting food and Finally! 12 hours later, touched down at LHR at about 3am Korean Time, 5pm local time!

Met my Dad at the airport and caught up with all the latest family happenings (ya ok, in other words gossip) there wasn't any :(

Got to the Hotel and finally got to see my bro, and my oh my!!! Hes huge! Him and his gf are official now, hehe, its about darn time Dave~so happy for u man! Was really great seeing all the family again, and we all realised its the first time all of us cousins have been in the same place, since we were all born! After an absoltely amazing breakfast of hashbrowns, fried eggs, bacon (yes my dads side of the family may be Jewish, but im not so more bacon for me, yay! ) coffee, chocolate croissants, fruit, yogurt, mushrooms..the list goes on...im listing all of theese yummy things so I can look back when I'm eating my rice and vegetable soup for breakfast in the coming weeks!) A fabulous day of shopping at the Oracle in Reading, and then an afternoon spent in the jacuzzi and hot tub with some new cousins!

Then Sunday, a frantic breakfast before having our hair styled, curled, poofed, cut, brushed, u name it, we did it..and a new fringe for me :) Then frantically off to get changed and mentally prepare myself for being MC and of course, my speech.

But everything went so well, Dave game the most impressive speech ive ever heard, and I didnt mess up too badly with the MC'ing, danced the night away with family and friends~was superb!

Then last quick visit to the shops on Monday morning, last bit of retail therapy, after saying goodbye to everyone at Breakfast, and then a frantic packing and re-packing of suitcses...and Dave telling me that I was most definately over weight (AGAIN!! I have got to stop doing this!) Anyways, got away with it his time, as well as the 9 packets of biltong packed into my checked in luggage, another 12 hours in the air, 3 by bus and rther strange Taxi experience and I was back at my front door, exhausted but happy...

Happy that was, until saw my gas bill for last month, a whopping W153 300, which roughly translates to R1000!!!!! Im dumbfounded, and extremely upset! Turns out im living in a new apartment which hasnt yet been fitted with Government Gas lines so until May it will be ridiculous! But I mean I live in a one bedroom apartment, one bedroom and one bathroom, how can it possibly be R1000, im so energy conscious too!

OK, before I get even more upset about that, I have finished class for the day, so am fiddling on facebook and the like, and so excited to finally see my boyfriend! FarmBoy~I missed u so much and I can't wait to see u!!!!

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