Apr 21, 2010

Weddings and Volcanoes...

So this weekend my Dad is getting married...well at least he is scheduled to get married, but due to the erruptions of Eyjafjallajokull volcano in central Iceland...well lets just say we are waiting to find out if he and Shelley will be flying this evening. If their flight is A..Ok then cool beans, everything is set, but if they cant get to London, then...the wedding will have to be postponed! So I am waiting with baited breath!

On to other news...I have just judged an English Speaking contest. Well i say judged but my job was to sit in a poky little room with a piece of paper and ask each student (after they had given their speech to the whole school) a few questions. So I got to ask about 30 students

What is your favourite sport/food/book? and What is your dream.

Needless to say I had about 7 teachers, 12 scientists, 7 designers and 3 doctors. Oh but I did have one inventor :)
The kiddies were incredibly earnest, and when asked "How are you today?" I got a few..."Its Sunday" and "it is so~so". CUTE!
But all in all I had to give each student a mark out of 40, after hearing them speak for about 2 seconds, so not the easiest of jobs, but it sure beats having to teach classes. So now I am hanging around on Facebook, trying to look busy :)
So more pic's, some cherry blossoms and the like...

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