Apr 25, 2010

This is happy...

Yesterday was Saturday and I got to lie in bed till about 11am and then got up and went on an adventure around the city, it was great and full of lots of interesting sights and the spring weather made it a really great day. I am thoroughly enjoying the coffee shops and quiet places all throughout this place and its creates a very comfy atmosphere.

On the flip side of comfy I got to find the biggest climbing wall I have seen is a long time and I spent alot of time on it yesterday. Its within view of some awesome mountains and its all outdoors so it feels great spending time there.

I have had some time on my hands this weekend, as my precious angel girl has been away in the UK at her dads wedding. So I have put this little thing together as an experiment and also try something different on the blog. I hope you like it, and I hope I can make a few more.

1 comment:

  1. Great Video. What a delight to have a peep into your lives!!! Thanks Dale and Rox xx