Apr 6, 2010

These Korean Germs...

So there I was...minding my own business...going about with my teaching as usual, when all of a sudden I felt a tingle in my throat, my nose a tad itchy and my head begin to pound. I thought nothing of it at first, I must just have caught a little something from my very special Farmboy (who always seems to have a tingly throat and runny nose).

Well boy was was I wrong!
From a trip to the Nurses room At Kyochon Elemtary, to the "Hospital" in Yuseoung, I'm not sure if I could even tell you which way was up. I was stuck in bed in-between school hours, the weekend, and of course the wonderful training put on offer (or rather not on offer but by compulsory attendance, thank you Mr Ko) I can now officially say I have a taste of these Korean germs!

When I say that I love shopping, this is an understatement. I mean, Im the kind of person who happily spends her thursday evening walking up and down the aisles of HomePlus, checking out the prices of Milk, Tomatoes, and stockings! But this fateful weekend, I must admit I was absolutely terrified of the thought of even leaving my room, let alone making it on a bus and into the bustling streets of Daejeon. The only thing that saved me from complete and utter depression was FarmBoy, who I must say, I now owe my life to. Without his constant trips down the road to buy me donutes (yes, i was sick ok) and orange juice, I wouldnt have made it here today. Farmboy, I love you!

Now its time to get my bum on a bus (which hopefully I wont have missed by the time I make it to the stop out in the countryside here at Hakha) and drop off my fabulous TTB (teaching tool box for those of u feeling completely bewildered) and make my way to give FarmBoy some TLC. It seems his nose is running for real, and he has a nasty tickle in his throat!


  1. Well My Rox (aka CITY GIRL)I sure hope you don't pass on those nasty germs to FARM BOY!!Love you and take care. Mom xxx

  2. Well rox farm boys are like farm animals- they are carriers of germs!YOu city girl should have a stronger immune system having being brought up in the ruthless city of JOhannesburg and LOndon! I think Rhodes has indeed made you weaker!But us city girls do deal with flu much better than farm boys, they need to be bovered,,, ah ,,,, i mean movered.. JUst rub his belly. :)C'mon Rox- step up!! Have some Rooibos! ;)