Apr 14, 2010

Fun at the Zoo...

So last night i got a call from Jeoung Hee, politely informing me that as the 5th and 6th grade students are going away on a trip, all my classes for the rest of the week would be cancelled; "Is this ok" she asked, I could barely contain my relief at the thought of having a 3 day extra weekend! But of course, she then added that this doesnt mean that we dont have to come in to school, it merely means we don't teach.

Trying to hide my diassapointment I asked her what we would get up to for 8 hours. "Loxy, would you like to accompany the 2nd graders on their picninc to the Zoo tomorrow?". YES!!!! School trip!

So I have just returned from a marvelous trip to the Daejeon Zoo with my little kiddies. Incredibly cute bunch of students, all rearing to go, biting at the bit to hold my hand or touch my arm...I love my job!

Here are a few pics of the days happenings...from notebook eating goats to tigers in the African Safrai corner...to pretty flowers and lots of "Loxy Teacher...what dis..what dat?" I returned home early to a lovely cup of tea and an afternoon nap...bliss

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