Apr 14, 2010

FarmBoy makes his entrance…

Ok well, CityGirl has pretty much said it all and so Im gonna try keep it simple and short. I have been in Korea for almost two months now and these are some of the things that I have been doing with my awesome co-pilot Citygirl. Ill start with the fresh stuff and work backwards as its gets a little fuzzy past the one month point.

I recently signed up for a local gym and Im really happy about this. Its a cool gym and the Koreans seem to buy every piece of Verimark Gym equipment out there. Any way Roxls and I went and worked out last night and it was great. On the weekend we all went on a massive hike in the mountains, it was really great to get out, breathe fresh air, see the blossoming trees, get some exercise and hear the birds whistiling in the trees (addmittedly intermingled with the high-pitched distress call of the lesser tanned South African Chick). But overall I was pretty darn impressed with everyones stamina. We had a mock graduation serimony for Roxy and Johno and this involved a pizza box grad cap, two black curtains for robes, a hybridized version of a proud ulilating mother and a supportive girlfriend(freakish I tell you) and one times awkward impression of Julius Malema as the honoured guest speaker.

You see now my memory starts to blur.... But over all in Korea I have: eaten a plate of chicken feet, eaten meat that I cant identify, discovered the awesome and cheap spa and sauna culture here and had an amazing time with my girlfriend walking the streets looking for restuarants with photos of food for us to choose from (we cant read the menus). All in all this place is great. The kids are really awesome and I even appreciate the ones that make me sign the lids of their lunch boxes and the mentally slower kids who try and see how many of my arm hairs they can bite out at once.

I think thats all for now, and plus the vice principle has come in for some headnodding small talk, oh joy.

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