Sep 18, 2013

Happy Chuseok South Korea!

Today, tomorrow and Friday are all public holidays here in South Korea (yippee!) which means a wonderful 5 day weekend for Farmboy and CityGirl. We had planned (& booked!) an exciting trip to Mongolia, but alas, things didn't quite work out (click here to read more on that) instead we are heading up to Seoul tomorrow for 2 nights to start celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary.

In the mean time, I want to leave you with the above wonderful photograph taken by the lovely Dorette from Dots.I.Am.Photography (Dorrette is another South African photographer here in Korea and takes wonderful photo' here to visit her Facebook page while her website is undergoing a few changes).

Chusoek is the  Korean Thanksgiving holiday, and is spent with family. The women cook and prepare yummy traditional snacks and the time is spent with loved ones.

Happy Chuseok friends, I hope you get spoilt with lots of fruit (especially apples as they are so expensive here compared to back home in South Africa!)

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