Aug 1, 2013

HoaBinh Vietnamese Restaurant {Jeonju, South Korea}

Farmboy and I were needing a little break from Korean food and stumbled across this delightful little Vietnamese Restaurant in Jeonju. 

We weren't blown away by the food. It was after all, Vietnamese food made Korean style, but it was still a nice break from kimchi and soy beans.

Here is a link to their website (it is in Korean) but gives you a general idea of whats on the menu. 
Prices range from W8 000 all the way to W40 000 for the monster platters.

Its tucked away on one of the side streets in Gaeksa, quite close to the Olive and Young.
If you do stop by, let me know if you enjoyed it. Please do leave me a comment of any other places/restaurants to explore in Jeonju.

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