Jul 25, 2013

{We are back}

Hi everyone!

This post is to let you know that Farmboy and Citygirl have hit Asia (in particular, Korea) again!

We have just moved to the little town on Buan, which is in the South West corner of South Korea.

We had moved on over to a 'dot com' site FarmboyandCitygirl, but it just costs too much to maintain it there, so I am moving on back here to this blog.

Please bear with me as I import all the posts from the website, and update the layout and general look and feel of this blog. I am back here with a lot more photoshop skills, so I hope to have things looking brand spanking new in no time.

In the meanwhile, please do find us on at the following places to keep up to date with photographs and other such interesting stuff :)

CityGirlSearching (CityGirls pretty and girly lifestyle blog)
FarmboyandCityGirl Facebook Page
CityGirl on Instagram
Farmboy in Instagram

Have a super day!



I'll leave you with a few Instagram snaps from our first few weeks here:

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