Jul 3, 2013

Gochangeup Fortress, Gochang

On Sunday, Farmboy and I (along with our new Saffa friend Lauren) went off to explore the Gochang-eupseong Fortress (고창읍성) in Gochang (Jeonbuk Province). It was a mere 40 minute bus ride from our town of Buan and cost W4600 each one way. We even had blue sky on Sunday(the first blue skies since being here) which added to the natural beauty of the fortress.

Geochang-eup was built during the early Joseon Dynasty. It is sometimes called Moyangseong, possibly because the Gochang area was called Moryangburi during the Baekje period.

It is surrounded by Bandeungsan, a guardian mountain to the east, and has three gates to the east, west and north, two floodgates, and a covering tower.

A stroll along the fortress walls brings you to a beautiful bamboo forest,. Standing in front of it you feel dwarfed by the sheer size of the natural shoots towering over you. It was eerily quiet around the bamboo forest, giving the area a mystical ambiance.

The entrance fee for the fortress is W1000.

For more info here is a link to the official website (and its in English!)

Here is a map of the fortress and the surrounding area:

Gochang Fortress Map

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