Jun 12, 2013

Packing for Korea!

We have about 10 days left here in South Africa before we board our Carthay Pacific flight (which stops over in Hong Kong where we have 2 days of exploring) and then lands in Korea on the 23rd June. Farmboy and I have been racking our brains trying to remember the most important things we need to pack this time.

We don't know much about our second placement,but we do know that we are going to a rural town somewhere in Jeonbuk Province (otherwise known as Jeollok-do), which is here:

When we were last in Korea back in 2011, we were in Daejeon. We still have friends there and know that where we are going is still pretty close to get to Daejeon by bus.


So now we are spending the last few days gathering the essentials. Have we left anything out? What would you make sure to pack for Korea if you were going again?


  1. Hi, i'm moving to Daejeon at the end of this month. This will be my first time teaching in South Korea. Your blog has been really helpful and given my some great insight into what to expect. Just wondering what else you would suggest packing? Currently trying to get some essentials to take.


  2. Hi Ryan!
    Thanks for the great comment :) always nice to get such positive feedback! We would definitely suggest packing a few little things that remind you of home (perhaps some photographs) for the times when you feel a little bit our of your depths culturally. You can get hold of pretty much everything here, relaitvely easily. We knew we were coming to a small town and so it wouldn't be so easy for us to find towels/spices so we packed some of those. But there is a great American online store that delivers fast and pretty cheap to Korea where you can get lots of home comforts. And Daejeon pretty much has everything you need in terms of western foods etc. Hope that helps! All the best for your trip!