May 21, 2011

First box by ship arrived!

We are thrilled to report that our airmail box (*sent from the post office at Incheon airport) arrived a little while ago. And we are so happy to announce that box number 1 (of 5 or 6 from what we can remember) that was sent by ship, arrived safe and sound.

Shipping items is a whole lot cheaper than sending them by airmail. It costs roughly W50 000 (+-$50) to send a 20kg box from South Korea to South Africa. Ok, it takes a whole lot longer but if you've got lots of clothes/books/extra stuff like stationary which I seemed to horde over there then it's the perfect way to get you stuff home!

We have been waiting about 3 months for this box, but it arrived safe and sound. Now it's just time for the other 5/6 to come!

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