Feb 18, 2011

Korea~365 days later :)

Today marks the EPIK team of February 2010's 1 year anniversary in the land of morning calm. Sad? Yes...Depressed? No! Why? In t-minus 7 days Farmboy and I will be leaving on a jet plane for sunny ski's and butterflies..ok the last part didn't really make sense, but I hope you at least get the picture. While the next shipment of Teachers is arriving, the rest of us who are heading home will be saying our goodbyes to our schools and packing up our lives...but you never what what the future holds. We may even be back again in August :) But for now we are just super duper excited to see all our family and friends...yippee!

But for now, here is an awesome video of home posted by another great Saffa, Douwe. 7 days!!!!



  1. Hey I'm sitting right next to your friend Nicky! She said I had to pop over and say hi because I'm moving to Daejeon as soon as the orientation is over. I'll be peeking at your blog later when I have more time. Do you guys have any tips?

  2. WOW! I just found your website and you guys are already leaving. There is a big foreigner group on FB (Daejeon Peeps) of waygooks in Daejeon. I like your site, it's so colorful and your writing is wonderful. I hope you guys come back. Maybe try another city instead of Daejeon. I love how Daejeon though is so close to Seoul and Busan.

    Safe Travels!


  3. Hey Rachel!
    Thats awesome that your coming to Daejeon! It's a really great city with so much to do and so close to everywhere :)
    I think the biggest thing to remember is to keep an open mind here in Korea. Things WILL change at the last minute, you WILL get frustrated with your co-workers, you WILL have a hard time with the school lunches and the fact that people probably wont try and speak with you...but it's all part of the amazing adventure that your starting. And it WILL be amazing! Wishing you loads of luck with the year...if you have any other questions feel free to ask away :)

  4. Hi Kimberly :)
    Thank you so much for those kind words about the site! Ive just been looking at yours :) really awesome!
    We are leaving, having mixed feelings about it, but most of all just super excited to see family and friends back home :) We are thinking about maybe coming back in August, and then will definitely look at maybe Daegu :) But I realy do *love* Daejeon!
    Have a happy day :)