Feb 10, 2011

Hellolulu ~ *Fabulous laptop/camera bag's*

Looking for a new laptop or camera bag??  Then check out the awesome new range from

**ive got my eye on this one...just got to find the right camera to fit it**

and maybe this one too (also have to find the right lap top to fit!)

Take the light-hearted mood of a holiday. Mix it with sleek, streetwise design. Add the functionality required by the global traveler. Put it all into a bag, and the result is Hellolulu: simple, fun, user-friendly carrying solutions.
Stylish and durable by design, Hellolulu puts lightness into your luggage, and brightness into your bags. Live our dream of affordable style, without the fluff.

Hellolulu Products

Laptop Bags
Bold, bright, and stylish, our laptop bags an inspired response to an overly masculine market

Travel Accessories
Helloulu travel accessories are thoughtfully designed to lighten the load of the traveler by minimizing packing anxiety and organizing your suitcase

Camera Bags
The latest addition to our collection is Camera Bag line, a fun and stylish alternative to the universally black camera bag

Their online store is still undergoing some construction, but hopefully I'll be able to get one of these babies shipped to me before too long :)

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