Feb 14, 2011

Getting **Glasses** in Korea

One of the first things we noticed after arriving in Korea was the number of people wearing glasses. Hmmm we though, ok, maybe Koreans have really bad eye sight. But, then I started noticing some rather odd things.

Most of the glasses people were wearing, had no lenses! They were purely for show. Loads of loads of cool frames, with no lenses. Ingenious! Who doesn't think they look smarter with glasses (and now you don't have to walk around squinting because the strength of the lenses is too much for your eyes and you just want to look cool.

Well, here in Korea, you can get your eyes tested for free (yup! Cool hey!) so just in case you actually do need them; and the get yourself kitted out with some awesome new specs (minus the lenses if you wanna be part of the lenslessspectaclerevolution...your choice :)
All for the neat price of somehwere between W30 000 and 70 000 *depending on the frames you choose*. Neat hey :)

I got mine at a store in Seoul called "Alo", but there are eye wear shops on every corner here in Korea.

Feeling uber Korean right now :) But like they always say, if you can't beat 'em...join 'em!

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