Jan 24, 2011

Tour of the *D*M*Z*

After the recent bombing of Yeonpyeong here in South Korea, tours to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea had all been cancelled. That was up until a few weeks ago when tours to the DMZ were once again open to the public...yay for us as we had booked a tour withAdventureKorea and were holding thumbs that we would still be able to go. I mean a year living in Korea just wouldn't be complete without a trip there right :)

So this Sunday saw Farmboy and I up with the sparrows to make our way to Seoul (click here for booking train tickets in Korea*to join up with the rest of the tour group. The trip was really interesting and certainly gave us a look into life on the other side.

AdventureKorea were awesome, they picked us up from Hongik University Subway and the chartered bus, lunch and entrance fee's were all covered by the W41 000 fee! Not only did we have a really great cultural experience, but we met a really nice bunch of people too! Including some girls who live right close by to the armpit of Daejeon where we stay *thats the west most corner of this bustling metropolitan*

Here are some pictures...

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