Jan 20, 2011

More ideas for *learning Korean*

We've done a few posts on Learning to speak Korean, including info on some great free websites like TalkToMeInKorean.

Another really fun way to learn and practice your Korean is through a great TV show called "Let's Speak Korean":
Let's Speak Korean hosts Lisa Kelley and Young Kim guide learners through a fun and entertaining way to memorize and apply practical sayings in Korean. Lisa Kelley, the female host of Let's Speak Korean plays a role of a kind teacher or a "good cop" role, while the male host, Young Kim plays a rather strict teacher or "bad cop" role.

So, you can watch the series online through the site TVClip.biz, and of course through their youtube channel I love Korean .

Here is a short clip of one of their episodes...it's a really fun way to learn!


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