Dec 7, 2010

Where to next??


As the reality sets in more and more every day that Farmboy and I will be leaving Korea in a total of 80 days (scary stuff!) the question becomes not "What" but...

Where to next??!!

Any ideas?? I'm thinking Europe!


  1. Hi Roxy

    How are you guys doing? would be very interested to know what you guys decided to do? Renew? Come back to SA and find a new job? Or go back?

    I'm also at a crossroads - go to Korea or stay here and find a "job" (I've taught before for a year in China). Don't like these choices!!! :-(

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hi Blair!
    Sorry for the late reply! I am currently completing my post grad teaching diploma while Farmboy is working at an Envoromental consultancy in KZN. We are both hoping to go back to Korea next year, but who knows where the road of life will take us! Choices are always really hard to make, but the hardest part is making the choice, the rest of it, following what's in your heart is easy :) Good luck with whatever you choose to do!