Dec 20, 2010

Teachers Friendship Trip ~ Geunsan

This weekend it was time for our  Teachers Friendship Trip. This time we headed to Gunsan, a city in the North Jeolla Province, on the Western coast of South Korea. The biggest reason we headed there was to check out the seawall;
South Korea formally marked completion of the world's longest seawall in April 2010 , the first step in a massive project aimed at reclaiming the ocean for industry, tourism and agriculture by 2020.
The 33.9 kilometre (21 mile) Saemangeum seawall encloses 401 square kilometres (160 square miles) of seawater or tidal mudflats, about two thirds the size of Seoul.
"Saemangeum is the largest-ever engineering project in this country and will change the country's landscape," said President Lee Myung-Bak at the televised inauguration.
The government has so far spent 2.9 trillion won (US$2.6 billion) on the project, which began almost two decades ago but was repeatedly suspended amid a lawsuit by environmentalists.
Another 21 trillion won in state and private spending is envisaged over the next decade to reclaim land, build infrastructure and create giant freshwater reservoirs.
Lee called the structure, which incorporates a road, "the Great Wall on the sea", saying it would become an economic highway for South Korea to reach the world beyond Northeast Asia. Channel News Aisa
Ummm well ya, it's even in the Guinness Book of records! Anyway, we couldn't really see much, but anyways, it was great to have said I was there :)

After a few stops along the way, it was lunch!

After lunch at Kun San Seafood restaurant, it was time for some more picture stops...

And finally back on the bus for Noreabang (* karaoke* with ALL the teachers screaming at the top of their lungs and bouncing around the bus...beers in hand...and yes....I had to sing too)

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