Dec 10, 2010

An American-Italian *Birthday*

Last night was a very special friends birthday, and to celebrate a couple of us girls headed to EAT ME in the TimeWorld area to stuff our faces with yummy food! What a great way to spend a chilly Thursday evening!

The birthday girl~ Christina

Me, Amy & Jennifer

Joanne, Jenny & Claire

Salmon Salad

Any birthday just wouldn't be complete without a Paris Baguette cake!

Make a wish!

*I apologize for the very bad quality of these pictures, the more I realize the quality of my snap&shoot little canon the more I am persuaded to get myself a proper DSLR like Claire's awesome*awesome*awesome*new Nikon D3100! Soon soon soon I hope!*

1 comment:

  1. the pics are beautiful! thank you for the memories :)
    since all i have is a digital camera also, i still stand that it's good enough quality. puehehe for now :P