Nov 25, 2010

*Make up* Tips/Reviews/Ideas

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I am a city girl, born and bred. And so, I have a deep and sometimes twisted obsession with makeup and all things ‘product’ (Im definately not trying to generalise about the fact that ALL city girls like make up…some don’t…but i do…hehe) . I mean I know I have a million lip glosses that all seem to look exactly the same, but I NEED THAT ONE!!
And bearing that in mind, today I have spent the last 6 hours of my free time today looking at make up blogs and sites.
Michelle Phan great site with loads of tips, tricks and great ideas for homemade products. Video blog
NeccesaryMakeup also great for tips and tricks and great reviews. More of a photo blog
Banila great South Korean make up brand (the site is in Korean Im sorry, but you can browse through it anyways). Banila is stocked in Lotte Departments here in South Korea, as well as having a few of its own stores dotted around Korea. Its my favorite brand here so far :)
Those are the 2 that consumed my day :) happy browsing! Im off to go and do some shopping!
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