Nov 10, 2010

How to send Korean text messages!

I have just stubled upon a really great website for learning Korean. It is affiliated with the wonderful TalkToMeInKorean, and is called the Korean Wiki Project.

For those out there that have  a Korean phone and feel compelled to send a text message (sms) to a friend in Korean but have been unable to find all the letters, heres some really useful info!!

The following is from KoreanWiki:

Anycall(Samsung) and EVER(KTFT) phones

Anycall and EVER (brand) phones use •, ㅡ and ㅣ to create vowels when text messaging.

Anycall & EVER phone keypad

Sky™(팬택&큐리텔) Phones

Sky™ (brand) phones have a different style of text messaging. Unlike the standard way, you don't use • and ㅣ to create vowels.

The consonants are self explanatory, so the table below shows how to create all the Korean vowels

CYON(LG) and CanU(팬택&큐리텔) Phones

Motorola Phones

So there you go!

The above all comes from the totally awesome

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