Nov 29, 2010

*Costco* wholesale shopping at it’s best here in Daejeon

Farmboy and I headed off on a little adventure this Saturday. When I left my house the sun was shining, and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day (but I had my trusty brollie *umbrella* with me just in case the weather man was right about the days weather).

Well... by the time I got to Farmboys bus stop ( a mere 7 minutes away) there were gale force winds, and it was pouring with rain...probably not the best weather to head off exploring in.

Anyway, we had heard mixed reviews about the infamous Costco here in Daejeon, and thought it was about time we head on over there to check it out. I had obviously misheard my super friend Holly in her previous account of their trip to Costco, as I thought she had said the membership fee was W300 000 (about $300), and so we thought we would just have a look around as you need a membership card to shop there. Well, I didn't realise you actually need a membership card to even enter the building! Ridiculous! Well, luckily i realized my mistake, minus a zero from my initial idea of the membership fee, sign up, realise you can only pay with cash, spend ages trying to find the stairs to get to the basement to draw some cash, head back upstairs to pay with cash (unless you own a fancy smancy Samsung Debit/Credit card), say cheese and hey are now the proud owner of a Costco card!

We were bowled over by the size of the place and by the number of foreigners. I was a little disappointed as I soon realise that the everything was for sale in BULK (duh I know but I didn't really think about this before) and so I really have to need for 4 liters of maple syrup when I just need about 500ml. But it was a great experience, they had loads of things to lots of snacking for us...yay!

And lunch was good too...especially when we looked around and realised why so many foreigners come to Korea and end up piling on the pounds...the picture belows explains this:

The size of one pizza slice! I know this is a common thing in the States, but in South Africa I've never come across 1 piece of pizza being so darn big! But Farmboy said it was really yummy and my hot dog was pretty good too, so I guess good things also come in Really Large packages too :)

If your looking for good old *tasty* cheese, salami, sauces, spices, great looking meat and *normal* tasting bakes good head over to Costco :)


W30 000


Costco is right next door to Seo-Daejeon Train Station (map)

By bus: 612 goes right past, and Bus's 119, 201, 202, 314, 612, 613, 701 go very close. You will probably get dropped off infront of Say Department store. Then just  follow the signs for Seo-Daejeon Station.

Subway: Seo-Daejeon Subway stop, follow the signs for the Station. Its about a 7 minute walk from the subway


• 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Monday - Sunday
• Closed : NEW YEAR'S DAY,
• We close at 7:00 pm on


  1. Best thing about Costco is going in a group, buying in bulk and splitting everything up. You are allowed to have 2 people shop on one card (like a bring a friend). So what we normally do is my boyfriend and I shop together and my friends shop together and we just sort out the money later. :) Also, not sure about Daejeon as I've never been there, but the one in Busan has Ceres fruit juices as well as some SA wine and Amarula! The cheese is also pretty good! I love the pepperjack one!

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