Oct 12, 2010

First Ever Daejeon *Rock Concert*

15 bands from all over the country will descend upon Daejeon for the 1st Daejeon Rock Festival for a unique, diverse and high energy performance starting in the early evening and running into the wee hours
In addition, as part of the Deli Tour Korea Show there will be more than 300 vendors from around the world selling international food, beer and wines.
Admission: FREE!!! 
A:Saturday Oct.16th, 6pm-5am.

A: KOTRA park beside the Daejeon Convention Centre. Actually, technically the stage is going
to be set in between the river and KOTRA Park/DICC, so it will be an outdoor show.

A: The Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Burning Hepburn, One Drop East, Seoul City Suicides,
..Whatever That Means, Vidulgi Ooyoo, Hwannon Gom, Kickscotch, Attacking Forces
Skasucks!, Dirty Gangneung, No Eazy, The Army and G-Jay.

A:In addition to having some of the best bands in the country, there will be more than 300
vendors selling international food and beverages. And by beverages I mean 'Beer'. 300
vendors selling WORLD CLASS Beers. And wines. In a way I guess you could say its
part rock festival, part Oktoberfest...its a Rocktoberfest.

For more info check out
Daejeon Access
For the Facebook Group

Hope to see you all there (well those of you in Korea!)


  1. This sounds amazing!!! Too bad I'll be in Seoul for the weekend...

  2. Ah, thats too bad! Sorry Rob :)