Sep 29, 2010

Stop those Sniffles!

So i guess winter is here now...thats that, no autumn, no easing into it...nothing. Its as if overnight (or rather over the course of a week) that all the cold winds and frost's got together and had a meeting over the state of us here in South Korea, and obviously they decided it was time for something a bit more on the cooler side. So that means underfloor heating and slippers on, hot chocolate in hand, and warm coffee shops to explore!

But  just in-case you do succumb to the cold (or if you want to prevent yourself from falling victim to a snotty nose) youy can pick up these yummy Vitamin C sweety things from any pharmacy here! They are inexpensive (ranging from W2000-W6000 *$2-$5*, taste good and better yet, they're good for you :) My co-teachers even give them to the kids in place of regular sweets and candy :) 

The Korean word for pharmacy is 국,  and you'll see (pronounced "yak") usually in big, red letters on neon signs everywhere you look!

And if you do get sick, going to the doctor doesn't have to be a stress, just click here for our earlier post on seeing a Doctor here in Korea :)


  1. Yeah, an early winter has hit with a vengeance this year. Sadly, it's cold, cruel grip lasts until April in South Korea.

    And I am not looking forward to putting on my long underwear for my early morning bicycle rides to the lake this weekend, especially as it will warm up a bit during the course of the days over the next couple of weeks to make it uncomfortable to dress in layers until it really gets cold in late Oct./early Nov.

  2. Ah really?! What happened to Autumn! This weather isn't even leaving the trees enough time to get lovely red and yellow leaves :( But it does make a nice change from that horrible humidity!

    Good luck with your early morning cycles! Dress warm...but not too warm :)

  3. Actually, what's awful about this time of year is trying to fish for a couple of hours at the lake after my ride out and then trying to gauge the amount of clothes I need to remove or put on for my ride back. I'm always either too hot and sweaty when I take to much clothing or miserable and freezing when I don't have enough. The summer takes the guesswork out of it for me while the winter is just too cold for me to ride for more than about 30 minutes at a time anywhere without freezing to death no matter how much clothing I try and wear.