Sep 27, 2010

Renewing your EPIK contract!

For those of us that started our journey into the world of ESL teaching in February this year, the time has come for us to decide whether or not to renew our contracts and stay another year.
Some people have been asked already, but for the most part, our schools will be contacted by EPIK, and an evaluation will be done on our teaching so far. If your school is happy with you, then you will be asked to renew (or even pressurised into renewing) otherwise, you will not.

This information is directly related to EPIK teachers, but I think very similar procedures follow for other recruiting companies too.

The following information has been provided to me by Dajeon's new EPIK co-ordinator, Christine Lang who can be contacted at:

Just click on the following links!

Renewing your Contract and Visa Information

And the website: 'What's New?' section

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