Sep 5, 2010

*Make Up*

I think my obsession with make up and all things nice smelling started when I was a baby. And since then it has only grown into what, has been described by some as, an ‘unhealthy obsession’. Countless times have I heard the following lines “But what do you need that for!” and “And what does that supposedly do?!”…but it has never stopped me from spending countless hours in shopping malls and at cosmetic counters.
So I thought it was about time I did some posts on the make up and cosmetics here in South Korea..which are *absolutely fantastic*…see for yourself!
Here are just a few of the great shops here:

All of the bigger brands of cosmetics (MAC, Clinique, Dior, Benefit) are sold in the big department stores, but are sooooo expensive here. And with the huge variety of ultra awesome products available at these smaller stores, why would you go anywhere else.
Here are a few of my latest investments:

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  1. Ooooh I loooooove Face Shop and Aritaum! I just used the last of my R90 Yardley eyeliner - of course this happened only 2 weeks before GOING to South Africa :( But *que music* I bought some retractable eyeliner pencils from Face shop for just over 2000W (R14!) and they are sooo nice!! Yay for Face Shop!

  2. :) Yay for Faceshop! They have the most amazing products and their packaging is so cute! HAve you tried Innisfree yet? :)