Sep 9, 2010

Braai by the Bridge

The weather here in Daejeon for the past 2 months has been *unbearably* hot, with temperatures reaching above 30C, coupled with at least 70% humidity led to most of us here not daring to leave the comfort of our air conditioned apartments. Luckily for us, it seems Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is fast approaching (*sigh of relied*) which I'm sure will be short lived as the icy cold Winter is sure to hit soon.

But to make the most of the cooler, gorgeous weather...we decided to have a 'braai' down by Gapcheon river here in Daejeon, and not just anywhere, but under a bridge :) *For those non-South Africans out there, click here for a more thorough description of what this strange sounding word means*

So enough with the waffling...I now present...Braai by the Bridge :)

the boys getting the braai area prepped

Fellow South African Teacher Devon, getting his chow ready!


The braai in full swing!

It's till summer, so cooling off in the river has become a favourite past time. Jono and Farmboy...
You've seen our here's our fridge!
Us girls preferred the "Im just here to relax" approach...This is me and another awesome Saffa~ Claire

All of us South African Teachers for a group pic! Me, Claire, Devon, Farmboy, Jono.

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