Aug 24, 2010

Paying your utilities using the *ATM*

As usual, Korea is very jacked up (techno savvy) when it comes to anything to do with convenience, and the ATM's in all the banks are no exception. Up until last week I was paying for all my bills (or utilities) using internet banking, which was causing me lots of pain as I kept forgetting the account numbers! But Farmboy showed me the real easy way. *Only problem is you need to use the ATM's INSIDE the bank, and most banks close at 16:30*
But if you finish early, or even better, if you get to leave early from work to "pay your bills" here a list of what to do :)

1. Here are some examples of the utilities. The top one is for electricity, and the bottom one is for gas.

2. You have to use the ATM's inside the actual bank.

3. Tear the bill in half:

4. Keep the 2 left segments, you will put the right half into the machine

5. Push the button in the top left corner of the screen...below is a picture of the KB screen:

(*usually it is this button~at least it is with KB and NH bank* please don't get angry if it's not...there is always someone wondering around to help lost looking foreigners). Insert your bank card when prompted.

6. The machine will take a few seconds to read the bill, then will ask you to confirm the information it has scanned. For example, the account number and the billing amount. (If your bill has a hand written amount, this obviously cannot be scanned, and then you will be prompted to input the correct amount and then confirm).

7. After entering those details, you will have either 2 choices. Enter the next bill to be paid, or input your pin number, and confirm to finish.

8. The machine will issue you a receipt, staple that with your remaining segments of your utility (stapler is usually on top of the ATM).

* Obviously, there is lots of room here to be left confused, as the machines are in Korea. If this happens, just go to the teller and a (usually friendly) staff member will help you out :)

Happy Banking!

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