Aug 9, 2010

Cool Places to go #8 Daecheong Dam

According to the Official Site of Korea Tourism,

Daecheong Dam (대청댐) is a multi-purpose dam consisting of a 72m-tall and 495m-long concrete gravity dam and rockfill dam. It is located where Daejeon and Chungcheongbuk-do meet.

What we found was a little more interesting than the above picture...

Being South African, we decided to deviate from the  directions given on the above site and find our own way to the Dam, and what we found was *way* better than the crummy picture posted!

After a fascinating hour long bus ride through the unspoilt outskirts of Daejeon, we came accross a picturesque countryside like something out of a movie; with quant houses, green rice paddies, brand new bycicles for rent and of course the dam itself.
Daecheong Dam is a wonderful place to spend the day swimming/fishing/hiking/cycling or just exploring!


  • From Daejeon Station: (Bus #102,103,311,313,511,514,52,60,63 go to the stop at Daejeon Station where you need to catch Bus #60)
    Catch bus #60 going towards Okcheon~ see the road sign... (It only comes every 80 mins, if you miss it there is a wonderful market to explore right by the bus stop). Its about a 50 min ride so stay on the bus all the way to the end, the bus stops for 10 mins at the end so get off there. There are bycicles to use (free of charge after signing in at the office). Below is a picture of the stop to get off at *Chan Seang*, as well as a timetable fo the times that the bus returns to Daejeon

  • Bus #71 & #72 also go there, and can be caught from  Chugnam National University bus stop in Yuseoung.

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