Jul 13, 2010

Today is a special day....

So today is Citygirls Bday! It started with me cycling across town at 5:10am with the following in hand....

8x inflated multi coloured balloons
1x chocolate pancake mixture
2x two pretty little bags heaving with prezzies
4x hours of sleep

Oh I lost one of the balloons in the Lotte Mart parking lot on a tree. In no time at all I burst through the doors singing an off the cuff birthday monet (duet for one person) involving birhtday wishes, happyness for the future and a home overrun with offspring. She drowsly pushed away the laptop showing the latest Gossip Girl episode and said, I quote..." Yussis what took you so long..." Ok Im lying. She uncurled like a winter hamster and had a huge smile on her face! Was really nice to see my girl so happy! I then presented her with various gifts and other little things that oozed love and thoughfulness. After some tears and lots of kisses and paper cuts from ripping through the wrapping Citygirl sent me to the kitchen to make coffee and pancakes, while she read through letters from all her friends and admired her new ear frosting :)

Was a great morning all in all and the rest of the day should be grand! Here is a little clip I threw together in honor of my angel...

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