Jul 27, 2010

Summer Camp Lesson Plans & ideas

When it comes to designing your Summer Camp, you have 2 choices. You can either go the easy route, or the hard route. The easy route involves slightly modifying the previous years Summer Camp (which is usually over done, and the kids know all of the activities) and the hard route involves designing your own camp. This is what I did here at one of my schools. We chose the theme Pirates.

I have posted a link to my lesson plans, power points, ideas etc. Please feel free to use anything/adapt anything where you see fit!
*but please please please acknowledge me where possible..after all I didn't sit here for hours planning everything for my own health and goodwill :)*

click here: Pirates Summer English Camp


  1. hello, i could'nt see your documents. How do i have to process ?

  2. Hey greetings from Beijing :)

    I was trying to check out the stuff you left in the link but when it takes me to googledocs the folder is empty :(

    Any chance I could take a look at the materials you used?