Jun 14, 2010

Some crazy letters to me from my kids...

So my school has this awesome website where the kids in the school get to send me their attempts at english letters. I thought it would be funny to post one or two of them...

Hello Dale!
My name is Won Seok.
I heard you had backache.
That's too bad.
I hope you get well soon!
I think you're very popular bacause when you go to ground, many people crowd to(for?) you.
How do you think about Korea?

Its alot of fun trying spot which kids wrote which letters, you must understand their names do very little bell ringing.

Dear Dale,Hi, I'm a KoreaTeacherYou remember We ?gave you on the playground every day to teach the Korean language.But on Tuesday, June 8 to come out on a business trip I tried to call you for letting us no what's not.

Give us more accurate numbers, please. ........At this point, so bye-bye

(That was from my un-official 3rd grade Korean language teacher)

Hello, teacher. My name is Yun Ji Lee in 6-1 class. I have some question to you.Answer to me please~
1. How did you know Korea?
2. What is your favorite sports?
3. How many time are you visits Korea?
4. Do you like singing?
*How are you?
I like your class very much~! It is very fun.
Teacher, please answer me~! I want your answer~!

Good bye, teacher~! See you later!

(A little stalker sounding but kind of cute).

Hello mt lovely Dale.
Your my best teacher.
I love oy Dale bey~~~.

ps. I love you~~

Roxy you have nothing to worry about this kid is in the 4th grade and could even be a boy. No threat I promise.

One of the
little punks keeps sending me this edited pic of himself.