Jun 7, 2010

Pre~ World Cup Braai in Seoul!

Saturday morning saw us up bright and early to catch the train into Seoul...2 hours later and we were negotiating our way round the Seoul Subway system like pro's...on the hunt for our backpackers.

Now Blu Guesthouse is far from your average backpackers, with a very impressive entrance, a very friendly host, and immaculately clean rooms with your own bathroom and shower for the very affordable rate of W15 000!
After dumping our bags and catching our breath we marched off to join the other 346 South Africans who we would be braaing with at Naanjin Park to celebrate the World Cup!

What a sight awaited us when we arrived....vuvuzella's, green, yellow, flags, Zakumi's, and the cherry on the cake..the smells of borewors, lamb chops and BILTONG!

What a great way to spend a Saturday, surrounded by friends, eating delicious homely food, and listening to the sounds of hundreds of other South Africans having a great partykie :)

Then it was off to Itaewon with Claire to explore 'What the Book!', the only stand alone English Book shop in South Korea, as well as some other interesting sights (which included an eye popping moment outside a transgender club and a delicious Curry as well  as look around at the world food market!)
All in all a top weekend!
~even got home early enough on Sunday to finish off the first season of FlashForward~now what are FarmBoy and I gonna watch??

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