Jun 22, 2010

Japanese noodles in Korea!

So after much deliberation and "decision making" Citygirl and I decided to jump on a random bus and see where it took us. We had a fun adventure for about three minutes, but the age old atrological rule of all roads leading to one, eventually spat us out in Yuseong area. This didnt really bother us as we are the liesurely type and are very rarely surprised. We went for a light stroll and after a few minutes we decided to head to our favourite Japanese noodle bar and have some light lunchies. Its high time that we posted about another restuarant and it might as well be this one. The food is awesome. The noodles come in a thick and healthily fresh broth and  is ridiculously well priced considering how full you feel after every meal. Its nice and homely inside and the waiters are always uber friendly with a light grasp on the english language so they can answer basic questions about the menu. I recommend this place to anyone who has just come from a long walk in the surrounding mountains and wants to full their tummy before a jimjilbang session.

If you're taking the bus, then take the 704, 706, 115 towards Yuseoung, get off at HongIn Hotel (the name is announced in English). Hop off and walk about 200m towards the big bridge, cross the road and turn right just before the bridge. Its next door to the music shop!
If you're taking the subway, get out at Yuseoung Spa, headings towards the Chugnam University (i think its exit 1). Once you get to the big bridge (its about 500m) cross the road and turn right. Its next to the music shop, with red lanterns hanging outside.
It does look a bit suspect from the outside...but it truely worth the mission once you taste their noodles!