Jun 29, 2010

Farmboys Surprise Shindig :)

Thursday came on the 24th June just as every other comes to pass here in SK...but this particular thurday morning was different. Why I hear you ask? BecauseThursday 24th June was Farmboy's 24th Birthday..

So 06:00 came and saw me running madly to catch the bus  across town, to reach Farmboys house in time to surprise him...not an easy feat I'll have you know, as I am not the quickest person to get ready in the morning(this doesn't just happen you know *she says winking* ), and to get to his front door  FArmboy was still asleep the ensure the full element of drowsy/sleepy eyed surprise.
So armed with my polaroid and arms full of presents I hit the streets. Here are some pics of what went down then, as well as later that evening when I managed to surprise him again (sounds of trumpets blaring) with a dinner with our friends which included the happy snapper Jenny, our friendly Brits~ Sally & Lewis, our fellow Saffa's~Claire, Jonno & Dev, our FABULOUS American buddies~ Christina, Amy & Dan, as well the ever smiley Minnie!

Heres to many more Korean bbq's, free glasses/bottles of house wine, gifts of funny photo frames and hubbly grottos!

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