Jun 17, 2010

*4 months in...*

So today (or maybe its tomorrow) marks our 4 month anniversary here in Korea...at the moment im not sure whether to laugh or cry~and the weather is not helping.
We had been warned about this 4 month hump, but to be honest we had also been warned about the 1 month honeymoon period, the 2 month crazy spending spree's, and the 3 month culture shock. And now here we are at 4 months, plodding along, singing a song (which for us South Africans has got to be Waving Flag~*below*)

So what are we going to do with our general mood and attitudes, well lets think about what we have to be grateful for...we don't have a very strenous job, we get to interact with cute little kiddies all day, we earn a very decent salary, we are surrounded by friends all going through the same thing, we have a great home country that is hosting a world class event and of course we get to travel all over this dynamic country we now call home. Yes the weather is getting a bit too hot to handle, yes the schools won't let us put the aircon on, yes we all feel like we need a holiday, and yes we are all a bit tired of the staring, but i mean hells bells...

This is my 2cents to add about most peoples (including myself up until about 5 minutes ago) general dismal attitude.

Life is what you make it, so now that we feeling like we have been handed 10 trees of lemons~lets get to making that lemonade!