May 31, 2010

School Lunches~yummy??

As we are here to teach, and thus spend the majority of our days at school, I thought it would be appropriate to put some pics up of our typical school lunches. These aren't my pics, but they might as well be as the caffeteria food here is pretty much standardised!
So first things first:

bottom left ~ rice

bottom right ~ soup of some kind (usually brown in colour) The soup tends to be the most stable element (apart from the rice) and I am always able to at least eat that

top left ~ veggie mix (usually spicy)

top middle ~ KIMCHI (which is fermented cabbage...i still haven't got used to the taste so i politely delcline this option)

top right ~ meat of some kind

yogurt drink (very yummy sweet drink...not with every meal)

*This is the usual menu for each school, sometimes you might get a nice surprise and have some fried chicken/yummy curry/stir fry's/ but this is what you will come accross on most days :)
You get used to it, and then come to really appreciate the staff dinners you will have to attend, especially when you get taken for duck...its delicious...and of course all the yummy snacks in your staff room.

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