May 31, 2010

The place I call home.

No amount of google searching and forum scanning will ever give you a real depiction of the kind of place you are gonna be living in when you get to this jungle of wireless internet and stupidly small cups of nasty coffee. So I thought I might aswell add to the variety by posting what my home looks like. From what I gather I think this is generally what most of the 2010 teachers got, with an extra free bar of soap here (Citygirl) or a 40inch HD plasma screen there (Dan), being the only difference. I'll post more about my actual area soon but this will give you a rough idea of the place where the decision that effect the world are made.... drum roll..... trumpets.... Citygirls triangle..... I give you my "Studio".

Here is the Basic layout of the place...
I have a nice bit of kitchen with a two plate gas stove. My bathroom is a shower, toilet and sink all in one. That means you have to hide eveything when you shower so i doesnt get wet including loo paper!

My home is divided into three sections by big sliding doors and these are really cool. Allows for alot of light and manages to trick me into feeling like Im not in a small space.

Above is a view from the entrance side of my place. I would like to thank Roxy for adding a bit of colour to the room.

Above you can see 1) My wet room and me! 2) A view of the entrance side of my place and 3) Thats my desk.

You guys have been great thankyou!

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