May 20, 2010

Living in *Daejeon*

If your living in Daejeon, you will come to absolutely love the effciency of the public transport system. BUT it can be a huge pain to try and navigate yourself around town. Your best bet is to get yourself a map from City Hall or any other local Tourist Information Booth. If both of these proved unsuccesful, here is the link to the *bus routes*

Daejeon Bus Routes
It is also possibly to find the above in PDF format

Another REALLY useful website for Daejeonites is Tour 2 Daejon with lots of cool things to do and places to go!

 Its Daejon has lots of very useful stuff on living in Daejeon, from what you can and can't recycle, to info on your gas, water, and electricity.

FarmBoy and myself have also stumbled upon a really wonderful church that holds English Worship! Its a really fun and interesting mix between catholic and charismatic and so has something for everyone :) Danbit Presbyterian Church is right next to KAIST in Wolypyong. The service starts at 12 (noon) every sunday. If you are interested in coming along but feel a little appehensive, or would like further details on how to find it, just email myself  ( or Dale ( and we'll be happy to help!

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