May 19, 2010

Hakha Happenings

Thought i would post a couple of pics from my other school ~Hakha Elementary~ which is a so called "country school". Im not sure if this is because it is situated off the beaten track (only a little though) or whether its because there are only 37 students in the whole school. Anyways I only teach there on a Monday and Tuesday, for a total of 7 lessons. The kid's english isn't so good, so its a lot tougher to teach them as the text book we "have" to use is to difficult for them. Anyways, here are a few pics from our Science Day (a day when most other schools were having sports day~we were doing experiments!) and a few pics from our 'Friendship Excursion', a little outing for the teachers to hang out together, away from the school :)

How cute are their yellow school outfits :)

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