May 18, 2010

Daejeon~where are we?

So we have a *subway*, numerous *buses* and of course millions of taxis~but the best part of Daejeon, in fact the whole of Korea~is that you can walk around safetly anywhere, any time day or night! And I'm only a 7 min bus ride from FarmBoy's house! Its a great city, with a nice balance between city & countryside (well  rural here in Korea  basically means out of range of a subway). Farmboy has even managed to find a great climbing wall, and we've even done a *very* strenous hike up Gyeryon Mountain, only a 15 min bus ride from the closest subway stop! And even though we've been here for 3 months, we're barely even scratching the surface...

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  1. Stop in at Dream's bar--foreign friendly in Gungdong. Her bar has a round white sign that says "bar". Folks call it "Bar Duck Duck" because of the ducks on her sign.Earl