May 25, 2010

Busan chill time.

Hi you might not remember me as its been ages since my odd mutterings were seen on this glorious little bloggedy.

Well this past weekend Citygirl and I glided on down to Busan and had a look at what was up for grabs down on that side. To say the least it was great. The adventure started off with a sleepy taxi ride at 6 in the morning to Daejeon station. The sleepyness was soon replaced with hunger, this was deftly settled by some incredible little french toast, cheese and bacon snackaroos that my princess apparently whipped up at about four that morning! Can I hear a "Good job!". Anyways we got to Busan pretty early and found our cute little backpackers with its Christian little bunkbeds and its heavinly air-conditioning. Once we had found our roommates Huke and Lolly we jumped on the subway and headed for Haeundae beach. Well we knew that we were in the right place because my keen sense of smell picked up on the sea air and my dul left ear was forced to hear the yacking of three score other "westerners" A-CHEW-mericans...

I could feel my very soul being drawn to the ocean and once I had pushed my way past three buggers tossing a football and one white (T)- string wearing korean guy I was in that sea like spice on Kimchi. And man it was great, flipping cold but really great. We spent most of the day there chilling in the sand looking at all the odd combinations of people, children, clothing and pink dyed pets. Its a really nice beach but it was pretty crowded and google images indicates that it only gets crazier as summer moves along.

We also went to a cool little spot called Fuzzy Navel and chilled there and had something to drink. We then went and had sun downers on the beach and had some good laughs with all sorts of interesting people. The nest day we woke up to Huke swiping at mosquitoes with blood stained hands, Lolly snoring away in the corner and the annoying sound of drizzle on the window. But we decided to go to Gukje market and also go and watch the new Robin Hood movie, both of which were pretty great. Really enjoyed the street food we had for lunch, it took some effort to get Citygirl involved but eventually she admitted to liking it.

Basically the rest of the weekend consisted of rain, rain and more rain. We had some good laughs at H & L when their umbrella kept inverting due to the 200knot gail force winds. But somehow the thought of Toblerone and a warm bed at Blue Backpackers made it all bearable. Something which is worth extra attention is our visit to the Shinsige Department store. This is the place where I (Farmboy) went ice-skating for the first time ever and also mananged to purchase some good looking english books. Really cool place and I especially liked the human lung chandelier at the front entrance.

Anyway thats pretty much what the weekend was about. And after almost missing our train home, making a child cry on the train, discussing our future bookshelf and arguing with a thief of a taxi driver, we were home safe and sound.

Ah another great weekend in this fascinating place. So glad I have Citygirl here to make it exciting.

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  1. Hey my DARLINGS. Thanks for the very informative blog Farmboy Dale! At least I know what you two, or 4, were up to while I didn't see you on Skype!!!!!! Look forward to a chat soon. Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxx