May 11, 2010

sunny sky's

The past few days I have doing a lot of thinking~yes this may be funny to some~but I have had no classes to teach at Hakha as the kids (yes all 27 of them) have gone on a field trip to Jeju Island. Not fair, I want to go to Jeju, alas, another time! And I have not, as i secretly had hoped, been sent home early, it seems the school wld rather have me eat up all their bandwidth stalking my friends on fb and reading random blogs...But anyways, life goes on!

I am still sitting here at my desk, planning our day trip to Seoul on Sunday for the Lantern Festival, and then FarmBoy and I are heading up to Busan for Buddha's Birthday ~long weekend yay! Oh and i seem to have mastered the art of online ticket purchasing....Yes i know I may be using Dads credit card (sorry Dad!) but I have been wise enough not to get myself a credit card here, there are too many lovely looking clothing items, and of course the cosmetics here, dont get me started. So Dad, i have a LITTLE list going with the very FEW items I have purchased on your card :)

So I guess thats it for now...I have another 90 mins to kill. I love my life! :)

P.S I do have a very challenging job here as an English Teacher, it may not seem like it with all the facebooking that I do, and blogging, but its really great here, and I miss my kids!
P.P.S Im off to Kyochon tomorrow, and I have my open class on Friday (a very NB class where a whole lot of teachers are invited to watch your class~and we are sending it in for the Teaching Competition, so watch this space! :)

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