Apr 8, 2010


So today is thursday.

I should be happy right??? As tomorrow is friday and therefore the weekend...but i can't quiet bring myself to be happy yet. It's been a really long day, a 6 class long day to be exact, and I have one more class to go before its home time. While I am sitting here at my desk, some of the students have arrived to 'clean' the classroom. This involves picking up one or two bits of paper from the floor and dragging a dirty rag over one of the 30 desks. Then they run out of here, all smiles, like they should get an award or something :) UMMMMMM

Anyways, its been along day, from my co-teacher having to run to see the Principle at the beginning of the lesson, leaving me standing in front of 30 grade 3's, all going crazy and her computer being all in Korean so I kinda had to just pretend i was really busy looking at a korean document until she arrived :) But I survived to tell the tale, and I just have my English Teachers Conversation class left today. We will be discussing our 'goals' for the future. Im not even sure where to begin with the Teachers class, so I managed to find some worksheets on the internet, and I have made a few questions for them and then each teacher will read out their ideas etc. There are 4 regular teachers who show up to this class, and most of the times its a good social event, where one of the teachers usually brings snacks, so I can't complain. And i have homework for them today (yesss!!!!) so that I can organise them a proper lesson for next week.

FarmBoy seems to have picked up some of my germs from last week, as is struggling along. Hopefully he will feel better for the weekend!
Oh here they come, Roxy Teacher needs to get down to business :)

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  1. Farm boy and City Girl!

    I love you guys! I am so glad you have this Blog! :) i will be following it closely! I really miss you guys and am kind of a little envious of your adventures ;)

    I cant wait to read more! See more pics and share these memories with you from afar! :)

    News from me: Im working as a copy writer for an e-marketing company in Bryanston, its hard work being in the working world! :) BUt still studying as well! I think i want to go to Rhodes for my honours degree, i want to do something like environmental journalism! If this is a possible option!

    Are you guys going to be traveling around Asia at all when you get leave etc? YOu must do Thailand--- i had the best holiday there in December (but i don't recommend you go anytime soon considering what is going on at the moment in Bangkok)

    oh ps: if anyone pisses you off just say! "Wha'eva MIngha! Do i looook BOVERED?????!!!!!"

    <3 Love Stephanie